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The ghosts of the Castle
Every wednesday at 9 pm at the Aragon Castle in Ischia.


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Trekking ed enogastronomia
Eno-gastronomic Trekking

Enogastronomic Trekking Hiking and tasting genuine farm-to-table food on request about 5 hours hiking guide, lunch & drinks,  private transfer intermediate hotel on request Between the most remote paths of Ischia, you will observe the geometries created by the volcanoes, among lapilli and ashes. Along the path overlooking the ancient craters, surrounded by a lush […]

Odissea ed Eneide – Nella terra del Mito
Odyssey and Aeneid – On the land of the Myths

Odyssey and Aeneid – On the land of the Myths At the places of the Great Classical Greeks on request from 4 hours to several days private car or boat, guide, entrance fees, visit to the related museums to be agreed on request difficoltà media Let you be ruled by the words that moved generations, […]


Swimtrekking Swim through the wonders of the Italian coast on request about 4 hours instructor, guide, safety boat medium-high to be agreed on request Swimtrekking is certainly an original way to live the sea. Through this experience you will swim with an instructor who will lead you during seabed observation to the discover of lonely […]

I segreti del mediterraneo
Mediter-ranean Sea secrets

Mediterranean sea secrets A window on the seabed tuesday at 10:00 am about 3 hours environmental guide, video projection, glass bottom boat and scuba diver low Ischia Ponte 20 € / per person Hidden below the sea level are the remains of a settlement that sank more than 2000 years ago, through a bed of […]

Scuba geo & bio
Scuba geo & bio

Scuba geo & bio The sea, that gives life to the Earth on request (according to marine’s weather conditions) about 4 hours educational briefing, scuba gear, boat round-trip transfer to reach the diving areas variable to be agreed on request 70% of our body is water. 70% of our planet is water. 70% of oxygen on […]

Nei luoghi di Elena Ferrante
The places of Elena Ferrante

The places of Elena Ferrante A thousand facets for a region that is not only “pizza and mandolin” on request about 4/8 hours private car, guide, teacher of literature, creative writing workshop low hotel on request Campania has many faces, more or less known. Some of these are “stereotyped”, some others  you never thought they […]

Yoga e meditazione nei luoghi energetici
Yoga and meditation at energetic places

Yoga and meditation at energetic places Session with professional instructor on request about 3 hours guide, instructor of Qi-Gong/Yoga to be agreed on request basso se si rimane in barca alto con lo snorkeling notturno Living on a territory characterized by active volcanoes means to perceive the force and the breath of Earth in all […]


Volcanism Journey to the center of the crater friday at 4:00 pm about 3 hours guide, private transfer round trip hotel 20 € / per person difficoltà media The basic principles of volcanism and the different manifestations on the planet Earth, set out directly from a professional geologist in one of the most active craters of […]

Vespa tour
Vespa tour

Vespa tour The exploration of the italian charm on request about 4 hours guide, vespa with equipment to be agreed on request difficoltà media On board of the two most famous italian wheels, led by a local guide, you will discover glimpses, panorama, districts and alleys. There will be a Vespa 125cc for two people […]

Un giorno da lupo di mare
A day as a sea-dog

A day as a sea-dog On board, among the most suggestive sceneries wednesday at 10:30 am about 6 hours tour of the island, guide, lunch on board Ischia Ponte 43 € / per person basso se si rimane in barca alto con lo snorkeling notturno Are you ready to set sail on a typical Mediterranean […]

Trekking astronomico
Astronomical trekking

Astronomical trekking Have you ever hiked at night? Come with us and we show you the stars friday at 5:00 pm about 5 hours guide, private transfer r/t, astronomical observation at telescope with astronomers intermediate hotel 30 € / per person Lost in the wilderness, surrounded by the noises of nocturnal animals the astronomer with […]

Archeo-bio snorkeling
Archaeo-bio snorkeling

Archaeo-bio snorkeling A dive between the archaeological ruins of Aenaria and the Marine Reserve Area wednesday at 3:00 pm about 3 hours marine biologist, snorkeling equipment, theory lesson, boat and a Skin-Diver guide Ischia Ponte on request difficoltà media A dive in the bay that holds the history of Aenaria, the typical sea animals and […]

Chi dorme non piglia pesci
Cetacean’s watching

Cetacean’s watching A sailing safari to spot dolphins and sperm whales in the Gulf of Naples on request at 9:30 am about 7 hours sailing boat, guide, fuel, spaghetti lunch on board all harbours of Ischia, Procida, Capri and Amalfi coast on request difficoltà media While searching the large sea mammals in their natural habitat, […]

Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae
Archaeo-logical museum

Archaeological museum The first Greek settlement in Greater Greece and the famous Nestor’s Cup on request about 2 hours guide museum’s ticket office on request + entry ticket (5 €) difficoltà media The first Greek sailors, looking for new lands in the VIII century b.C., chose the north side of Ischia to found Pithecusae, their […]

Le vie del vino
Wine Tour

Wine Tour Explores, through the exaltation of taste, smell and life in a broad sense friday at 3:00 pm about 4 hours private car, guide and tastings hotel 35 € / per person difficoltà media We show you how to pack a “pancetta”, reveal the recipes of salami typical of our region, then we will […]

Kayak col geologo
Kayak with geologist

Kayak with geologist Discover unspoiled bays and marine caves thursday at 3:00 pm about 4 hours kayak, tools, safety equipment and guide Ischia Porto (boutique Scaglione) 25 € / per person difficoltà media Campania, the volcanic region. The cliffs tells us stories of long geological ages, that stretches of coastline emerged from the sea reveal […]

I fantasmi del Castello
The Ghosts of the Castle

The Ghosts of the Castle Night theatrical tour of the Aragon Castle with actors in costume wednesday at 9:00 pm about 2 hours theatrical tour, guide, entry ticket Aragon Castle’s ticket office 25 € / per person basso se si rimane in barca alto con lo snorkeling notturno There are places in the World rich […]

Giardini la Mortella
La Mortella Gardens

La Mortella Gardens Do not miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful gardens of Italy on request about 2 hours official guide of the Gardens Gardens’ ticket office on request + entry ticket (12 €) difficoltà media A garden that smells of love and symbolises the feelings between Sir. William Walton and his […]

Corso di orticoltura
Horticultural classes

Horticultural classes Learn grandfathers’ secrets straight from the hands of local farmers on request about 4 hours guide, farmers’ breakfast, equipment, farmer-tutor and private transfer r/t hotel on request difficoltà media Relive the beauty of rural life together with farmers, in the most exclusive and picturesque lands. Immersed in an atmosphere out of time, you […]


Bioluminescence The fluorescent sea thursday at 8:00 pm about 3 hours briefing in lab, night navigation on glass bottomed boat, snorkeling gear, certified skin diver guide, sea biologist low if you stay on board high with snorkeling ischia ponte 30 € / per person A curious bright phenomenon belonging to several living species emitting light […]

Bike tour
Bike tour

Bike tour Exploration with an electric bike or MTB on request about 3 hours bike with helmet, assistance, help intermediate to be agreed on request All you need is a bike and a guide, to combine the physical activity with the discovery of the place that you chose for your holiday. Just so you can […]

Dipingere con artisti locali
Painting with local artists

Painting with local artists Imprint your own vision by the most stunning views on request about 3 hours equipment, tutor, private car transfer r/t hotel on request intermediate Through artist’s eye we want you to discover the most unique landscapes, you will have the chance to paint your own vision thanks to the precious advices […]

Cucina vulcanica
Volcanic Cooking

Volcanic Cooking Cooking with the volcanic energy for a tasty local picnic on request about 4 hours guide, ingredients Maronti beach (Ischia) intermediate-low on request Have you ever thought about cooking under the sand? In Ischia it is possible! The island gives you stunning views between high hill and sea, where you can admire its […]

Corso di cucina locale
Cooking class

Cooking class Enter the house of locals, learn the old recipes and let’s have lunch together on request at 11:00 am about 4 hours cooking lesson, full lunch, guide Barano d’Ischia on request difficoltà media This experience will start with the interpretation of a big mosaic from which the guide will illustrate all the historic […]

Chi dorme non piglia pesci
You snooze you loose

You snooze you loose Wake up early, weigh anchor and set sail! on request about 4/5 hours guide, equipment, baits Ischia Ponte (fishermen’s pier) on request intermediate On small fishing  boats,  together with local fishermen, you will sail towards a unique adventure in the water of the Gulf of Naples. Once arrived on the ideal […]

Alla parete del Falco Pellegrino
The cliff of the Peregrine Falcon

The cliff of the Peregrine Falcon Mount Epomeo, extremely rare green tuff and the fastest animal on Earth. friday at 10:00 am about 5 hours private transfer r/t, Eco Tour Guide, educational material intermediate hotel 25 € / per person (From 520 up to 789 mts. altitude)  Through the ancient path, we will reach slowly […]

Il Castello Aragonese
Aragon Castle

Aragon Castle Who said Castles are boring? on request about 2 hours guided tour, class of Medieval writing ticket office on request intermediate Going over the bridge, once drawbridge, you will reach the volcanic island on which the Aragon Castle stands. An itinerary to discover the most fascinating pages of the history of Ischia and […]

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Archeo-bio snorkeling

I fantasmi del Castello

Corso di cucina locale

Alla parete del Falco Pellegrino

Un giorno da lupo di mare




Il Castello Aragonese



Il Castello Aragonese



Il Castello Aragonese



Il Castello Aragonese













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