Climate change and sea ph – The vents of Ischia studied by Shawna Foo

I dedicate this post to my two friends Shawna Foo and Danny Ormay with whom we shared amazing moments, wonderful talks about drawing a world of people living in harmony and respect with Nature, with whom we cleaned the sea bed from garbage and that unfortunately left Ischia after six wonderful months together. Alessandro Mattera […]

colori dei giardini la mortella inverno ischia

Why you should visit La Mortella Gardens in winter

I Giardini La Mortella (La Mortella Gardens) is one of the main tourist attractions in Ischia Island (pron. eeskia). In 2012, it won the First Place Grandi Giardini Italiani Award for its exceptionally well-maintained green spaces. The Gardens are located in Forio town where they extend over two hectares, hosting more than three thousand different […]