EU schools receive grant to travel to Campania Region – Italy

Gita in barca di una scuola elementare ad Ischia con PlatypusTour
Gita in barca di una scuola elementare ad Ischia con PlatypusTour

Groups made by two or more classes can receive up to € 3.500. Hurry up, the grant will expire soon!

We believe education for kids should be engaging and fun. This is why we always look for every available opportunity for teachers and schools.

This time we want you to know about an interesting public funding for elementary and middle schools made available by the Italian Government. Regione Campania (The Naples county/region in Italy) will distribute a total of € 700.000,00 to schools residing in a European Union country. It’s part of a broader project promoted by MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education) with the aim of bringing students to visit our wonderful Campania and make them the “cultural ambassadors”. How could we miss such a great opportunity?

To make it easier, we highlight the basic information for school on how to participate.


How much the grant is and who are the recipients?

Maximum contribution is € 3.500,00 for every group applying from any EU Country (apart from schools in Campania region).


How can you apply and what’s the deadline?

You need to submit your application to Direzione Generale per la Programmazione Economica e il Turismo via certified Email ( including:

  1. Trip and time scheduling (it has to end within August 31st 2016)
  2. Itinerary (doc: modello Allegato A)

Documents have to be completed and regularly filled out. They will be attended to in the order that they arrived (first-come, first-served).


Application must be issued within March 7th 2016

After the trip, you willl have to issue a report of expenses within 90 days from the end of your trip. If a group is made by less than 50 students the amount will consist of € 70,00 per student.

This article is a simple guide, every information should be get from the official website. You will find the original document at this link.

And here you can download the doc. “Avviso Pubblico relativo” and the fill out the form “Modulo Richiesta” (to be issued before March 7th).

All the official information are provided in Italian language, but if you need any help or need extra information don’t hesitate to contact us writing to info [at]!

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Article by Daniele Federico


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