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Platypus Tour

Platypus Tour

Just like the Platypus encompasses the characteristics of different animals: Duck’s beak, tail of the Beaver, webbed feet, Rooster spur, it spawns like birds; PlatypusTour has a number of excellences that stands out from general tourist companies.

Platypus Tour is heterogeneous. We fulfill different professional roles, such as archaeologists, biologists, geologists, art historians, botanists and environmental guides with a view to grow and share the team’s knowledge.

Platypus Tour is versatile. We are able to conduct different activities in different environments offering several different itineraries on land and sea.

PlatypusTour is unique. Uniqueness is the key word of our itineraries; as much as the Platypus who is a spawning mammal, symbolizing the evolutionary connection between reptiles, birds and mammals.

If you are wishing to learn by travelling and grow your cultural background in a spirit of active participation, PlatypusTour is the only possible choice!

The origins

Platypus Tour was founded on the isle of Ischia in 1999 from the vision of Emanuele and Alessandro Mattera’s brothers active in the preservation of the natural and historical heritage of the island.


Their primary concern about wild plants of Ischia and their healing properties, brought them up into the world of botany and to meet Lady Susana Walton who had recently opened her marvellous Gardens La Mortella to the public. Since then, was established a solid relationship that continues still nowadays with the current Superintendent of the gardens Alessandra Vinciguerra.

Not long after the Archaeologist Luisa Di Spigno Santi will join Platypus Tour growing the interest of the group for the invaluable archaeological, historical and folkloristic heritage of the Region Campania. So the early tours came up, aiming to divulge, with the experience-based way, the knowledge and the researches carried out by famous archaeologists like Giorgio Buchner.

Through the years the group becomes more and more varied, thanks to the integration in Platypus Tour of teachers, biologists, geologists, and historians permitting a reciprocal cultural exchange.

The growth of PlatypusTour will lead to the creation of experiential-based tours also away from the isle of Ischia, reaching Italian Regions of special interests, such as: Campania, The National Park of Cilento, Puglia, Circeo, Etruscan Region, Umbria, Marche and Tuscany. These are only some of the places that serves as a framework to the educational activities en plein air of PlatypusTour.


The work with customers is basically concentrated during the summer season. In winter we protect and observe our territory leading researches of national importance; in summer we share the results of our studies with our customers. Our tours offers a 360 degrees view and are full of knowledge, little details and curiosities.

Our work is an ongoing process, in order to offer always the best and the latest discovers to them who chooses the learning by travelling as a way to explore new horizons.

The team

Emanuele Mattera

technical director
Emanuele Mattera - Platypus Tour
Alessandro Mattera - Platypus Tour

Alessandro Mattera

tour designer
Luisa Di Spigno Santi - Platypus Tour

Luisa Di Spigno Santi

archeological guide
Adele Aurioso - Platypus Tour

Adele Aurioso

didactic manager
Myriam Scotti - Platypus Tour

Myriam Scotti

biological-sea guide
Anna Iacono - Platypus Tour

Anna Iacono

art history guide
Romeo Toccaceli - Platypus Tour

Romeo Toccaceli

geological guide
Giulianna Balestriere - Platypus Tour

Giulianna Balestriere

botanical guide
Gian Benedetto Di Meglio - Platypus Tour

Gian Benedetto Di Meglio

biological guide
Eny La Corte - Platypus Tour

Eny La Corte

historical guide
Mariangela Mattera - Platypus Tour

Mariangela Mattera

environmental guide
Gianluigi Grimaldi - Platypus Tour

Gianluigi Grimaldi

environmental guide
Alessandra Vuoso - Platypus Tour

Alessandra Vuoso

paleo-archeological guide
Liliana Peroni - Platypus Tour

Liliana Peroni

botanical guide
Titti Astarita - Platypus Tour

Titti Astarita

italian, spanish and russian guide
Daniela Maltese - Platypus Tour

Daniela Maltese

reservations manager

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