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Il Castello Aragonese

Aragon Castle

Guided tour with a historical guide of the emblem of the island of Ischia

From the 15th of April to the 31st of October
Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM and at 4:00 PM
Every Thursday at 10:30 AM and at 4:00 PM

about 2 hours


Castle’s ticket office

Adults € 5,00* - Children 6 - 10 years old € 2,50*
*Entrance fee is not included

Going over the bridge, once drawbridge, you will reach the volcanic island on which the Aragon Castle stands. An itinerary to discover the most fascinating pages of the history of Ischia and Italy as well.

Up to 200 years ago, the Aragon Castle was the only shelter for the inhabitants of Ischia. In 1500, on the islet there were 13 churches and in 1700, according to a census, 1856 families lived there.

The guided tour will develop through paths that lead to the "Clarisse" nunnery, with the annexed cemetery (once putridarium where nuns were left to decompose); the Cathedral with its crypt with frescos of Giotto's school, the Bourbon prison, and also the alleys, the millstone, the old houses, the churches and a breathtaking view.


Comfortable clothes and shoes


  • Guided Tour in Italian and English of the Castle; Official Aragon Castle’s Guide



  • adults and children
  • historical lovers
  • Those who have an interest in Medieval and Renaissance Castles



  • You want to understand the modern political and social organization, starting from that of the past
  • You wonder how some quests, which even to modern eyes seem impossible without sophisticated resources, were possible in past when those there weren’t

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