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Giardini la Mortella

La Mortella Gardens

Guided tour with an expert guide of one of the most beautiful Botanical Garden in Europe “La Mortella Gardens”

From the 23rd of April to 3rd of October

Tuesday at 10:30 AM and at 4:00 PM

Thursday at 10:30 AM and at 3:15 PM

2 hours


Gardens' ticket office

Adults € 5,00*
Children 6 - 10 years old € 2,50*
Entrance fee not included

A garden that smells of love and symbolises the feelings between Sir. William Walton and his wife Lady Susana.

Born from the perfect fusion of many different elements, La Mortella Gardens are the product of Lady Susana’s passion for plants, as well as her token of love for the famous English composer Sir William Walton and the design of the great landscape architect Russell Page.

A series of elements at the boundary between chance and luck have made La Mortella a harmonious combination of avenues, fountains, and plants that have made the garden an enchanted place, an oasis of beauty and peace, accompanied by the presence of tropical and subtropical plants in contrast, yet in harmony, with the rest of the vegetation of the island.

The Gardens are the home to a multitude of specimens, some of them very rare, from all over the planet and the guided tour will be an exceptional opportunity to admire the most interesting species while the guide will invite you to take advantage of the sensory stimulation given by the forms, colours and smells that permeate the trails.


Comfortable clothes and shoes


  • Guided Tour in Italian and English of the Garden; Official Guide of “La Mortella Gardens”



  • adults and children
  • botanical gardens lovers
  • landscapers



  • you are curious about the secret life of plants
  • you are interested in the evolution strategies of plants on Earth
  • you hope to heal your soul with colours, perfumes and sounds of Nature

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