This is the only flight company compensating 100% carbon emissions. That’s how.

Nature Air travel vista dal finestrino

Tourism will never be zero emissions. Nevertheless the current big trend on sustainability it still has a huge impact on the environment. But we can work to diminish this impact.

Global tourism is one of the important factors in climate change. The next time you’ll be looking for the cheapest flight fare to move from point A to point B take into consideration that about 72% of  CO2 from tourist sector comes from transportations, 24% from accommodations e only 4% from local activities. Did you know that 50% of flight traffic is of leisure ( Experts calculated aviation having 40% impact on air pollution, but wait, because when carbon is released at high elevation it produces much more damage bringing that percentage to 75%. Basically if you fly a few times you destroy every clever homework you made to reduce your CO2 contribution into the atmosphere.

Probably at this point you are wondering why PlatypusTour, a tour operator, is talking about this topic. We believe that we are human and we impact on our planet, this is a fact. Ignoring it won’t fix the issue, we have to talk, we have to raise awareness. That is why, starting today, we will be talking and hopefully involve you in a debate about Responsible Tourism, Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR), Eco-tourism and so on.

This time we want to bring up a one-of-a-kind and unexpected case. Everyone knows, for sure at this point of the article, that flying pollutes a lot. Some of us feels even guilty when booking a ticket: “Should I travel by train instead, and spending three times more money and time?” Your call.

nature air passenger embarking

Just be aware there are companies out there like Nature Air facing the issue head on, instead of just theorizing; they are a flight company born in Costa Rica in 2000. They started with just one plane, today running 74 flights per day. Yes, they are still very small, but unique as they were able to reach full compensation of greenhouse gases. They could achieve by investing in carbon offset, in other word they put part of their profits to provide more efficient commuting transports for employees, optimizing energy used in working places, investing in forest preservation and financing studies to power planes with ethanol or pig waste.

We bet you are now thinking where you can fly with Nature Air, if you are curious about their destinations and their fares here is the website.

Article by Daniele Federico


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